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 NSH is the study, experience, and mastery of the REAL YOU, offering tools to utilize your inner guidance, spiritual gifts and your innate abilities.

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Feel, Think and Act Boldly with JOY and PURPOSE

Do you want to become a CONFIDENT leader of yourself, LOYAL to yourself first, so you can truly help others?

People just like you have been enlightened by New Spiritual Horizons programs for over 50 years. Now you can chart your course to navigate the challenges and joys of living life to the fullest; a lifestyle of spiritual and material abundance.

You will not be the same person after completing these simple steps and technique sessions. Spiral into a progressive, step by step state of unfoldment, well-being and satisfaction. Prepare to be transformed.

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Attain a Balance Between Your Inner and Outer Natures.

Regain the child-like balance between the two parts to your nature; your feeling (psychic) nature and your intellectual (thinking) nature.

The feeling nature is the real you – the spiritual, eternal part. The intellectual nature is the thinking, logical part and it is necessary and important as it keeps your life directed and organized.

Too much in your intellect and you will limit yourself with fears, doubts and negative emotions. Too much in your feelings and you will lack organization, direction and leave yourself out.

The key is being in balance.

When you’re in balance, you will TRUST your intuition, have clear direction and experience the fun, fulfillment and joy of living your unique life purpose.

In the New Millennium the New Spiritual Horizons Program was expanded into an even deeper and more effective system to provide you with the tools and techniques you need to grow at a faster pace.

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Why is New Spiritual Horizons So Effective?

Experience your Energy with Proprietary Techniques and a Refined Accelerate Personal Growth System

New Spiritual Horizons is refined by over 50 years of working with people. It is one of the most effective personal development systems available.

You can determine your own truth without the influence of dogma, theology or an authority figure. The techniques enable you to experience your energy, not simply hear or read about someone else’s experiences or opinions.

These techniques were shared with the founder, Dr. Francisco Coll, by spirit and refined over many years of working with people before they were released to the public. They produce results and are safe.

You will EXPERIENCE your soul nature..

Another reason why the New Spiritual Horizons experience is so powerful is the structure of the meetings. You reach a depth of awareness that goes beyond everyday experience.

Your involvement results in positive effects on your life.

This is a practical approach to spirituality. After all, if it’s not practical, then what’s the point? This is a FUN experience, but you don’t just do it for the fun of it. You do it so you can awaken your spiritual sensitivity to receive the answers and guidance you need to move forward in your life in a more positive, constructive and abundant way.

Feeling Connected

I feel reminded of being true to myself. If I am not focused in my own energy, I get lost in others stuff. I have released anger and resentment. I am now focused on being me.

Cynthia Mumford

Business Adminstration, Immersion Workshop Participant

Excitement and Purpose

Understanding my spiritual gifts and being able to tune into the wisdom of my Inner Guidance, has brought excitement and meaning to my daily life. Plus, I can clearly connect with my 6 year-old students because I know their gifts … how they communicate. I teach them some of the techniques for fun and to keep the classroom calm and directed.

Sara Andrassy

Teacher, Group Work Participant

What will you experience …

Development of your Spiritual Gifts

Intuition | Vision | Prophecy | Feeling

A unique part of this program is the techniques that enable you to experience your spiritual (psychic) abilities so you can come to your own truth. Know, See, Feel, and Understand your spiritual (psychic) part, not simply hear or read about someone else’s experiences, interpretation, or opinion.

The true joy of life comes from being in your feelings and you will experience this in a safe, step-by-step manner by the techniques included in the New Spiritual Horizons program.

You can do it all in a positive and constructive way.

Unfoldment of Your Healing Abilities

The best people on earth are attracted to New Spiritual Horizons group involvement. People who have a real desire to heal themselves and are committed to living life to its fullest.

New Spiritual Horizons is about YOU.

Receive Impressions & Personal Direction from your Inner Guidance

You will become very secure and proficient at tuning into your own inner guidance, TRUSTING yourself and understanding you can find your own answers within. The facilitator is not there to teach you what they know. What that person shares is right for them, but it may not fit for you. Each person in the group shares their own wisdom and experiences. Simply by the act of sharing out loud you are relearning to respect yourself and the wisdom you have inside.

You can do it all in a positive and constructive way.

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