New Spiritual Horizons

An effective personal development program

Realize inner peace and self confidence through the study and experience of your authentic self. Learn to use your inner guidance and spiritual gifts practically in daily life.

Master your energy. Expand into New Spiritual Horizons.

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step”

Lao Tzu

You can determine your own path in life.  New Spiritual Horizons teaches powerful techniques that enable you to experience your energy, not simply hear or read about it from someone else. Whether you attend a workshop, work one-on-one with one of our facilitators, or access material online you will be presented the opportunity to accelerate your growth, release old concepts, and habits that no longer work for you. Awaken and strengthen your spiritual sensitivity to receive answers and guidance to move yourself forward.

What People are Saying.

“During my soul searching journey, I came across an invitation to attend an overnight soul retreat. I knew this was an opportunity that showed up just for me, and I felt compelled to attend. So I did! This workshop was the first facet of New Spiritual Horizons’ Submersion Workshop. Three beautiful, soulful, spiritually gifted women led the workshops. There is not enough paper to express what I learned in those two days. Let’s just say…IT WAS TRANSFORMATIONAL!”

Denise McKendry

“The New Spiritual Horizons program is like a feast for the spiritual senses. Once I stepped into the Facet One workshop I was on a fast track ride to exploring my inner soul like no other that I have ever experienced before. The exploration was supported by fun new energy techniques, regrouping and top notch instructors who made the journey fun and exciting. I was also blown away by the other participants who showed up. We all came from different backgrounds, but we had one common goal together which was to grow and expand the awareness of our inner journey. I would highly recommend this program to anyone on the planet who is ready to really step into their greatness and expand their spiritual knowledge and journey.”

Teresa Navarro


“Understanding my spiritual gifts and being able to tune into the wisdom of my Inner Guidance, has brought excitement and meaning to my daily life. Plus, I can clearly connect with my 6 year-old students because I know their gifts … how they communicate. I teach them some of the techniques for fun and to keep the classroom calm and directed.”

Sara Andrassy


“I feel reminded of being true to myself. If I am not focused in my own energy, I get lost in others stuff. I have released anger and resentment. I am now focused on being me.”

Cynthia Mumford

Ways to be involved.

Find a Facilitator

Work with a trained professional that will respect your free will, personal space and your right to grow at your own pace. Each facilitator is trained and experienced in New Spiritual Horizons Tools and Techniques.

Live Event

Our workshops, groupwork sessions and webinars are designed for you to unfold the kind, loving, spiritual side of yourself. Join other searchers, truth seekers & everyday people looking for deeper meaning in their life.

Learn at Home

This is a full year’s worth of material to explore your inner loyalty.  Enjoy this unique journey of uncovering the wisdom within and understanding why you are here so you can find the fulfillment you seek.

What will you experience?

Development of your Spiritual Gifts

Intuition | Vision | Prophecy | Feeling

A unique part of this program is the techniques that enable you to experience your spiritual (psychic) abilities so you can come to your own truth. Know, See, Feel, and Understand your spiritual (psychic) part, not simply hear or read about someone else’s experiences, interpretation, or opinion.

Tap into your Spiritual Gifts consciously.

Receive Impressions & Personal Direction from your Inner Guidance

You will become very secure and proficient at tuning into your own inner guidance, TRUSTING yourself and understanding you can find your own answers within. The facilitator is not there to teach you what they know. What that person shares is right for them, but it may not fit for you. Each person in the group shares their own wisdom and experiences. Simply by the act of sharing out loud you are relearning to respect yourself and the wisdom you have inside.

Unfoldment of Your Healing Abilities

People are attracted to New Spiritual Horizons for the group involvement and the emphasis on loyalty to self first. If you have a real desire to heal yourself and are committed to living life to its fullest you are in the right place at the right time.  Each of us has the ability to heal ourselves and tap into the wisdom within.

Spiritual Freedom Keys Subscription by an Alliance of Spiritual Organizations.

Why is New Spiritual Horizons So Effective?

Experience your Energy with Proprietary Techniques & an Accelerated Personal Growth System