Connect With Inner Guidance

Establish a direct, two-way communication
with your inner guidance and receive immediate answers.

Our Spiritual Orientation Session shows you how!

Effective Inner Guidance Communication Using your Primary 6th Sense Perception

The Truth is you naturally did this as a child. As an adult, you are doing it unconsciously.

Have you ever thought, “I know there is a guiding force in my life. I have felt a loving inner guidance helping me and wish I could use more.”

Working with your inner guidance is the difference between living life the easy way or the hard way.

Life becomes easier using your inner guidance every day. You will soon wonder how you ever managed without it.

This Inner Guidance is commonly referred to as Angels, Messengers of God, Spirit Guides, Ascended Masters, Higher Power, or Helpers. There are other terms in other cultures as well that refer to the same awareness.

Also, you have a 6th Sense that complements your inner guidance communication. This 6th Sense is also known as Extra Sensory Perception (ESP), Spiritual Gifts, or Psychic Sensitivity.

There are four types of this perception Prophetic (oracle), Vision (clairvoyance), Intuition (clairaudiance), and Feeling (clairsentient). You have all four, but one is like using your dominant hand. You receive messages from spirit, the universe and your guidance using these perceptions.

New Spiritual Horizon facilitators are trained to offer one-on-one sessions where you can learn how to communicate with your inner guidance, learn your spiritual gift order and your primary sensitivity, a snapshot assessment of your energy distribution, and more.

What you will experience and learn

  • Learn innovative techniques for receiving practical & concise answers from your Inner Guidance. Learn how to tell when you receive information from your mind and when insights are coming from spirit.
  • Tap into your awareness of Clairaudience (Intuition), Clairvoyance (Vision), Prophecy (Oracle), and Healing (Feeling/Clairsentient). Your primary type helps you understand yourself and others better to more effectively communicate with yourself, others and your guidance.  Begin to understand personality differences and communication styles through your understanding of these 4 spiritual gifts.
  • Discover how many spirit guides you have for this lifetime and how each of them contact you .
  • Learn how to ask questions and receive concise and practical answers from them. You will learn how to get Yes/No answers. Follow up Yes/No answers with a series of questions designed to have your inner guidance give you more detailed information.
  • Actually feel and hear your Inner Guidance at your side. Know that you are NEVER ALONE
  • Remarkably easy techniques. Be able to use your inner guidance at home and work. This angel communication technique is very practical and useful.
  • Receive a snapshot assessment of your energy, gain insights into how to use your energy more constructively in life.

You will become more confident and assured with your decision making. You will realize there is a “Higher Power” that wants to help you attain a more successful and fulfilling life.

The Connect With Inner Guidance Session is unique, innovative, and it works. A lifestyle of using your Guidance and 6th Sense will help you start finding answers and inner security.


You will receive:

  • A personalized chart on your Spirit Guides and your primary 6th Sense.
  • Practicing inner guidance communication techniques.
  • 30 day Meditation Booklet to help you maintain your inner guidance connection.

You will never feel alone again….You can find answers and unique solutions to life’s challenges.

Who are our facilitators?

For over 60 years New Spiritual Horizons Facilitators have been mentoring people, just like you, to consciously communicate with their inner guidance. The insights and techniques used are effective and they work!

The information and techniques received in a session with a facilitator is a way of life, each one uses their training in all areas, including family, relationships and professional career.

The insights and techniques they are teaching will help you be a better listener to your own hunches and inner guidance.

Life becomes easier using your inner guidance every day. You will soon wonder how you ever managed without it.

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Sessions can be conducted in person or remotely.