New Spiritual Horizons Courses

The New Spiritual Horizons Courses

Nine Wayshowers College™ courses to reinforce and consolidate your personal evolution are offered by certified New Spiritual Horizons Facilitators.

Each one focuses on a key area to ensure there are no “Holes in your training.”  You will experience your soul, your spiritual gifts, your inner guidance and your creative and healing abilities. It is learning and growing at its very best.

Spiritual Expansion Courses

You are a soul with immense potential, energy & power when you know how to direct it.

When you can direct your energy, you’ll create a different kind of life for yourself – the one that you really want to live!
Discover a simple, experiential and practical approach to spiritual development. Learn to tune in and get your own answers and best direction. Re-discover the truth of who you are.

Experience your Soul Power; the Real You – A spiritual being. Gain insights into what you have come to do this lifetime and the next steps in your life’s direction. Release fear of success that prevents you from fulfilling your unique purpose.

Whatever you do with your life, you came here to benefit yourself, to grow in consciousness and to be of service to all humanity” – Dr. Francisco Coll

Experiencing My Inner Harmony

Learn a meditation technique that is simpler and more practical than traditional Eastern meditation. You’ll instantly go to your Sea of Tranquility and Connect with your Team of Guardian Angels for solutions. You can take this tool home with you to use often to be in harmony and balance and stay in the POSITIVE VIBRATION and FEELINGS that will manifest what you most desire in life.

You will come back to your real spiritual nature – Your True Feelings. The more you can be in BALANCE with your intellect and feelings, and BE in your true feelings, you will live a life of joy, ease and abundance.

Giving: A Crystal Clear Vibration

Some habits, traits and attitudes were passed onto us when we were young and are still influencing us now, creating stress in our daily lives. We may not have learned to give of ourselves freely, but to always expect. We create trouble for ourselves by expecting. In this course we clarify some early programming that may be holding us back today.

As we mature and grow in spirit, we realize we do not need to do anything for the purpose of pleasing someone, receiving attention, manipulating or competing with anyone.

Empower yourself with the tools to tap the Wisdom within you for Clarity on the Next Steps in your Life’s Purpose

You have a unique life purpose. No one can do what you came here to do in this lifetime. Does your life purpose feel out of reach? Discover the means to clarify what you’re here to do and to reach your goals and dreams!

It is one thing to have goals, but it is another to have clearly, defined goals. When your wants are clearly defined, the universe and your angels can go to work to provide you the means to reach them! The how is not your job. Leave the “how” up to your Spiritual Helpers. Clearly defining the “what” IS your job. And if you are missing the WHAT of your life purpose and goals, you are lost and misdirected. You will DEFINE your clear goals based on your true heart’s desires. You do know what you want deep down inside. When you are aligned with your true wants & desires, this leads you to the path of your life purpose.

Motivation through Mystical Intuition

Experience your Intuitive (Clairaudient) perception. Learn why people whose 1st gift is intuition enjoy leadership, are easily depressed in a negative environment, want people to “get to the point,” and don’t enjoy details. Learn why Intuitives need to understand before they can move into action. Your intuitive part discerns energy.

Motivation through Mystical Vision

People with the first Gift is Vision (Clairvoyance) see pictures in their mind’s eye. They can clearly see all the steps needed to complete a task. They dream in color and see their ideas. They see details often missed by others and tend to be perfectionists. They have the gift of empathy and can see what it is like to walk in another’s shoes.

Motivation through Mystical Prophecy

Your mystical perception of Prophecy (Trance) gets impressions from the Universe through an “inner knowing.” If this is your First Gift, your dreams often concern the future and you tend to know what people are going to say and do. This is your executive part; the part of you that can manage several tasks at one time. These people need to be creative in order to stay grounded.

Motivation through Mystical Feeling

Your mystical perception of Feeling (Healing, Psychometery, Automatic Writing) feels life. They can feel the energy of people and the environment. (Ever felt someone looking at you?) They enjoy details, working with their hands and are artistic. Because this type turns energy into feeling it is important that they master keeping their energy high and clear. Your feeling gift is the doer in you.

Re-Awaken the Power of your Metaphysical Nature.

Your true metaphysical nature is limitless energy. In your daily experience of life, you may have lost touch with your spiritual sensitivity. When you unfold and learn to trust your inner sensitivity/ psychic impressions; you’ll put your plans into action without indecision and attain your goals without pressure. You can BE the success you came to unfold.

In this course you will, feel the unlimited power of your metaphysical nature and move beyond the limits of Planet Earth Consciousness, understand the true purpose of coming to Planet Earth for this lifetime. and develop a closer relationship with your spiritual helpers/angels who want you to be successful. Learn ways to work with them to enhance your success in life!

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