Submersion Workshops

Inspiring Full Day Workshops

You want to expand your inner peace and live your life purpose, but your life is full on and leaves little time for weekly group sessions … 
Submersion Workshops may be a great fit for you.

Have clearer direction in your life.
Live with a child-like enthusiasm for your life.
Experience more meaningful connections to the people around you?
Find that “something more” your feelings tell you is there for you.

Join us for an in-depth New Spiritual Horizons program:
New Spiritual Horizons had packaged the content of several weeks of group work and course material into 4 weekend intensives that will move you into living your purpose.

These 8 to 16 hour workshops are filled with content to accelerate your growth and release old concepts or habits that no longer work for you.

They are designed to assist you to release fears, keep you in harmony with your environment, and feel good about being you!

You will develop direction, enthusiasm and a buoyant sense of optimism that everything is all right.

In these workshops :

  • Gain a big picture understanding of your purpose here on
    Planet Earth.
  • Receive tools to tap into your inner guidance.
  • Discover your natural psychic abilities (all of them)
  • Develop self-understanding and self-respect.
  • Find balance in your life.
  • Learn tools to master your energy! You are a creator!
  • You will experience powerful energy techniques, deep sharing, and the depths of who you really are.

Included is the Submersion Workshops workbook with the program’s content and techniques you can use to continue to expand your spiritual development in your daily life.

This is a powerful investment in yourself: you will tap into the essence of who you really are!

Most people spend a lot of time in their head or intellect … over intellectualizing and analyzing everything. You can go beyond all of that.  You will retreat inward to spirit and experience how rich in healing power your feeling nature really is.

You will leave a Submersion Workshop with tools and techniques to maintain your cleansed, clear state of consciousness. You will experience how you are the best person to take care of your needs and wants. You will feel renewed and reset to move with ease in your life!

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