A training and practice of spiritual foundation into a way of life.


The New Spiritual Horizons Evolution Calendar focuses on solidifying, deepening and most importantly making practical your Spiritual within your daily life.
They help you put energy behind both your material and spiritual goals and what areas to be alert to for the month.

What is the Evolution Calendar?

The Evolution Calendars show the areas and the traits highlighted by spirit where you can grow the most.

  • In setting your goals, having solutions before any problems arise,
  • Unfolding your Spiritual Gifts and Leadership Qualities and seeing the impact of the New Spiritual Horizons Symbols on your day.
  • It is the only place you will see these 8 specific strengths and 8 out-of-balance traits for the spiritual gifts; Intuition, Vision, Feeling and Prophecy.
  • Putting energy behind your goals in life.
  • Have “solutions” before problems arise.
  • Unfold your spiritual gifts and leadership qualities.
  • Harness the impact of spiritual symbols with in your day.
  • It is the only place to see these 8 specific strengths and out of balance traits of your gifts.

Different days emphasize different areas, but you can “check” each day for where you can go the deepest.

What are some key benefits?

It is a simple organized opportunity to have the fulfillment of “growth” in your material world.  You build energy regrouping your weeks and month, so you are clearer moving forward.  You “set” the energy to manifest by writing your spiritual and material goals for each month and working with them.  You maintain the bigger picture of your needs even while working in your daily life.

What are some examples of how to use it?

  • Align your own thrust with the themes of the year and month.
  • Unfolding your gifts by being more aware of the strengths and the out of balance tendencies.
  • Looking at how the “Inner Leadership Qualities” apply and seeing their bigger meaning in your daily activities and in the world around you.
  • Keep your daily agenda next to your spiritual practice
  • Setting events or working with arranged events, within the vibration of your purpose.
  • Bringing forward your previous successes and staying alert to your challenges.
  • Expanding your wisdom and creativity by adding insights to your calendar.

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