The Real You




The Real You provides answers to many of the inconsistencies you may have sensed throughout your life. It is for people who are searching for answers to life that match how they feel (have hunches) inside.

We live in two worlds at one time. The material, tangible world, and the spiritual, intangible world. The full impact of this statement is discussed in deeper terms in the book. The various myths associated with common beliefs are revealed. An in-depth clarification of: Love, Wealth, Time, Reincarnation, Suffering, Being Lost are just a few of the Modern Myths that you will read about in The Real You.

This book will also reveal to you….

  • The reality of Guardian Angels and Earthbound Souls is clarified
  • You will learn how easy it is to be influenced, and solutions to neutralizing negativity
  • Another topic is how each of us chooses our Guardian Angels
  • We choose our parents and our situation.

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