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Rekindle genuine love and respect with your loved ones, community and self.

Transcend the limitations of traditional roles in society and answer — What are you here for? There are answers to those questions about life that you have always found elusive.

Man and the Universe book by Dr. Francisco Coll, founder of the Inner Peace Movement and the Wayshowers College reveals truths that will bring you a new-found sense of security and inner peace. Based on the philosophy that as a soul you have always been and always will be, the book describes your purpose for being on planet earth, the influences that have brought you where you are and a clear picture of your destiny.

How do you swim in this ocean of energy on planet earth without getting pulled under, caught in a crashing wave or feel like you are just floating on top? This book describes your relationship with the universe, the origins of science, religion and society, your true nature and the cycles of life. Knowledge of these truths enables you to banish stress in your life and stay relaxed in any situation. Reverence and respect for yourself and others becomes second nature.

What if you had the tools to help you have a better understanding of yourself and the world around you? Man and the Universe compacts its dynamic yet practical message into just 47 pages. It is for those who value their time and seek practical ideas and techniques for improving their lives find this book’s contents reassuring, stimulating and immediately applicable for everyday life.

Have you ever wondered why people communicate in different ways? Man and the Universe can help you to discover and develop daily personal relationship with your Inner Guidance.

Your Inner Guidance can help!
Yes you have Inner Guidance!
We all have them!

They are also known as Holy Spirit, Higher Power, Higher Self, and Spiritual Helpers, and Messengers of God. It was once thought that only certain gifted people could tap into this divine power. Ttoday we acknowledge that all people have access to divine power.

Be introduced to the four primary means of spiritual communication – Intuition, Vision, Prophecy and Feeling – often described as spiritual gifts, or psychic perception. Discernment of these gifts in yourself and others leads to improved communication with yourself, you’re loved ones, and your inner guidance. Development of these gifts will guide you in becoming master of your life and destiny.

Are you ready to start living your True Life Purpose?

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