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Lesson Excerpt:

Command Yourself

The person indulging in likes and dislikes is separating themselves from the total picture of “being.” They find themselves fighting for their rights, instead of just being and accepting. If they don’t realize they are an essential part of the universe, they will build a pattern of failure. They will work for months at something and then blow-it in a few minutes.

If you want to get somewhere fast, you must learn to go slow. “By the inch it’s a cinch, by the yard it’s hard.” You must respect your means. With patience comes maturity and a willingness to learn to go at your own pace. You will see that your pace is the temple of your universe and only you have command of your timing and changes.

By being in command of yourself you are free! You will experience the positive power of your universe when you accept your own responsibilities. If you trust yourself and accept your own responsibilities, you are standing straight and tall with the spirit. You are a shell that dances in the rhythm of the ocean.

Patience and Trust will both stabilize and accelerate your growth.


Experience Your Life Force

If you can, do this technique in nature or outside.

Close your eyes, picture yourself as an evergreen tree. Feel the life force rising up from your roots through your trunk into your branches.

After a few moments, open your eyes and write down your feelings and impressions.

These feelings are what it is like to be a part of your laws of your universe.
Cleanse and tune into your inner guidance. Meditate on how you can feel this life force at all times.

How are you feeling? Do you resonate with your unique life force energy?

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