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597: Responsibility: A Joyful Experience

Las Vegas Retreat Center Las Vegas, Nevada

597: Responsibility: A Joyful Experience:1.      In this course you will regroup what the vibration of “loyalty to self” means to you for the stabilization of your self-respect and spiritual unfoldment.2.      You will experience a technique that will help you pinpoint some of the concepts that are putting pressure on you at this time and hindering your free-flowing […]

604: Symbolism of the Four Gospels

604: Symbolism of the Four Gospels:1.      In this course you will examine quotations from Matthew, Mark, Luke and John to discover the spiritual teachings on which Christianity is based.2.      You will explore several key symbols in the Bible and tune into your own interpretations.3.      You will be able to relate your thoughts and feelings of these symbols to […]

021NSH: Evolution Calendars Workshop

021NSH: Evolution Calendars Workshop:1. This Workshop will inspire you to work with the New Spiritual Horizons Evolution Calendars as a way to go deeper each day in your life to experience more of the richness that Spirit has to offer. 2. The NSH Evolution Calendars are designed as working calendars, interweaving personal spiritual growth with […]

611: Sermon on the Mount

611: Sermon on the Mount:1.      In this course you will learn about concepts of suffering and false humility and begin to heal your limiting concepts.2.      You will learn to look at Biblical quotes from a positive point of view.3.      You will learn about how feelings of sacrificing and persecution […]

4090: Life: My Daily Adventure

Durango Recreation Center Durango, CO

4090: Life: My Daily Adventure:1.      This course will introduce you to the feeling of the Growing Executives of Tomorrow (GET) vibration. 2.      You will experience the enthusiasm of living your purpose and realizing that you are important because no one else can do what you have come here to do. 3.      You will realize that old concepts that […]

607: Teachings of Apostle Paul

607: Teachings of Apostle Paul:1.      In this course you will strengthen your basic spiritual principles by seeing how they relate to Scripture.2.      You will discover the wisdom you have within and feel the love you have to share.3.      You will find the key to personal fulfillment through inner sincerity.4.      You will learn about trust and doubt and how they […]

5001IL: Spiritual Freedom Orientation Lecture

5001: Spiritual Freedom Series Orientation Lecture: Re-discover Who You Are and Why You are Here. This class provides the "No holes in my spiritual understanding" essentials for your journey this lifetime. Clearly understand who you areand why you are here. Live, Online program with Spiritual Educators to present the Spiritual "Facts of Life" . To register: Investment: $25.00This […]

4091: A Mini Workshop on Tapping the Sources of Your Spiritual Alarm”

Velvet Monkey Salon 940 !/2 Main Ave. (Alley Entrance), Durango, Colorado, United States

4091: A Mini Workshop on Tapping the Sources of Your Spiritual Alarm”:1.      In this course you will gain an understanding of some of your energy patterns and how to spot the ones that throw you off your direction. 2.      You will find personal clues which will help you know why you have perhaps not been in touch […]

5001IL: Spiritual Freedom Orientation Lecture

5001IL: Spiritual Freedom Orientation Lecture: Exploring Your Inner Freedom v  In this 90-minute presentation you will experience your magnetic energy, your aura.v  You will tune in to the sensitivity of your first impression.v  Experience your reality of living in two worlds at one time, the physical and spiritual worlds.v  Become aware of your team of spiritual masters […]

500IL EID: Man and the Universe Orientation Lecture and Exploring Inner Dynamics Workshop

500IL EID: Man and the Universe Orientation Lecture and Exploring Inner Dynamics Workshop:The Orientation Lecture presents the individual with an expanded view of themselves and the world around them. This program helps a person better understand their experiences in life and discover new dimensions of their own inner potential. This Lecture will explain your relationship […]