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Discovering Your New Spiritual Horizons Online Class – USA & AU

July 18 @ 12:30 pm - 4:00 pm


Transform to the REAL YOU

Are you at a crossroads in your life and have a difficult time making decisions? Have you tried other methods and not attained the results you want? You need a spiritual approach with fresh insights that work.

Discovering Your New Spiritual Horizons Workshop is an important new approach to a contemporary lifestyle. It will surprise you with uncanny methods that will help propel you to new personal breakthroughs. There are three important foundations that will be covered:

  • Clarifying your True Life Purpose
  • Acknowledging your Ascended Masters (Angels) and how they help you
  • Trusting your hunches and first impressions that manifest through your 6th Sense

Successfully using these three foundations is the difference between just surviving and enjoying life.

Awaken your intuitive hunches. Trust your intuitive sensitivity.

  • Learn techniques to strengthen your aura from negativity and create a deep relaxation.
  • Important insights into Ascended Masters, Life After Death, Cycles of Life, and Soul Essence will complement your learning. Discover the true purpose of your Angels.
  • Experience no fewer than Four Techniques. Unfold your healing touch and psychometry. Also learn how to use your Clairaudient first impression. Seeing the Aura will be taught. Another technique is Spiritual Cleansing of the aura. This will increase your protection from negativity.
  • Ways Psychic Sensitivity, 6th Sense, and Extra Sensory Perception (ESP) are similar. Also learn how they are a part of your daily life without realizing it.
  • Start experiencing glimpses of your unique Life Purpose. Your Life Purpose becomes an inner reference in making difficult decisions.

By the end of this workshop you will create a profound sense of inner peace as THE REAL YOU blossoms.

Start experiencing glimpses of your unique life purpose. Most of all, share and interact with other like-minded people. Find a belonging with your spiritual family – you are not alone

In the workshop you will strengthen your inner foundation to meet any challenge in life. As the New Spiritual Horizon founder shared,

“Happiness, success and abundance are already yours. All you need to do is to become master
of yourself.” Dr. Francisco Coll

Register TODAY for this incredible online class.


Dorinda Fox