The New Spiritual Horizons Program is the study, experience and mastery of the REAL YOU.

The programs offer you the tools to tap into your inner guidance, spiritual gifts and your innate abilities.

Step 1:  Orientation Video of Discovering the Real You

Step 1: Orientation Video of Discovering the Real You

Find inspiration within this video which reveals the core understanding of life on Planet Earth.  First presented in the early 1960’s, Man and the Universe, shown here in its original form, has reached over 50 countries and continues to inspire people just like you.

Take the next 20 minutes to open yourself to what New Spiritual Horizons Programs will help you master and live more fully 24/7.

Step 2: Self Healing and Spiritual Cleansing Technique

When you have completed the video, take the opportunity to register for a demonstration  of one of our proprietary Self-Healing Techniques that will change your life.  Using this technique daily will create a laser that cuts though tension, confusion and help you stay relaxed and open in every situation!

Prepare to be transformed!

Step 2: The Self Healing - Spiritual Cleansing Technique Video

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The Program


Putting the Wisdom of Your Universe in Your Hands.

  • Man and the Universe Orientation Lecture
  • Discovering Your New Spiritual Horizons
  • 12 Spiritual Expansion Group Sessions
  • 10 in-depth expansion courses,

The New Spiritual Horizons program is an opportunity to quench your spiritual thirst in a dynamic, consistent manner that is enjoyable, lasting and safe. You will release fears, become one with all things, and be in harmony with your environment.

As you progress in New Spiritual Horizons you will discover how you can have unshakeable inner security.

  • Unfold a full mastery of your life energy.
  • Improve the clarity of your inner and outer loyalties.
  • Find answers and solutions for your direction, regardless of challenges.

Make spiritual unfoldment a way of life – 24/7.

Imagine how it will feel to never doubt yourself or your decisions again! In New Spiritual Horizons you will begin to learn to use your four perceptions of Intuition, Vision, Prophecy and Feeling to understand your past, create balance in the present and chart a clear path for your future. You will feel a deeper connection to your inner guidance as you go through each day’s activities.

You will experience a unique form of healing for yourself and others in a respectful, non-judgmental environment, an expression of what true love is really all about. Instant relaxation will be possible in any stressful situation or vexing challenge.  As an intelligent light, you will shine on others, helping those you care about to heal and find their solutions too.

-What People are Saying-

New Spiritual Horizons has helped me develop self acceptance and greater love for myself and others. I feel freer to be the “real me!”

Angela Miaoulis

New Jersey

In my relationships I am more patient, empathetic, understanding and I can more clearly see where and how I fit. The cleansing technique helps me to be more detached in my connections with others, return to my true feelings and unique sensitivity.

Amanda Jackson



-Self Discovery Courses-

Learn more about the courses you can experience in this program.


Discovering Your New Spiritual Horizons - NSH0002

You are here growing and unfolding in the “University of Planet Earth”. When you have a great sense of your loyalties you can exist with great peace.
In this course, you will gain a deeper awareness of your relationship you have with your team of Spiritual Helpers. You will begin to receive clear messages from your helpers to better respect your own timing of life. As you participate in the unique techniques in this course, such as Checkers Circle, you will refine how to manifest clear inner communication. You will be on your way to deeper loyalties within.

The Real Me: A Spiritual Being - Course 4092

Think for a moment, “I am not separate from the Universe, The All, and The Heavens”, feel what that feels like? You are one with all things! Ask the questions: who am I, where did I come from, and where am I going? The moment you set yourself free with that feeling you are already on your way to success!
In this course, you will receive the bigger picture of your overall spiritual life and its practicalities to be implemented in your daily life. You will realize the importance of self-loyalty, acceptance, and love for yourself first. In this realization, you will see how this plays a large part in maximizing your secure spiritual life on Planet Earth.

Experience My Inner Harmony - Course 3090

In this course you will be introduced to the tranquil vibration within all of us. You will receive an overview of the balance between the intellect and feeling natures. You will become aware of how you analyze and dissect things, and how you reject your own harmony by buying into “should” and “should nots” in your environment. You will discover the results of using your intellectual nature in a positive way to reach your goals, and work more from the inner and then the outer.
By the end of the course you will have a stronger sense of being reverent to your inner harmony within. Becoming connected with your “Sea of Tranquility” will set you free!

Giving: A Crystal Clear Vibration - Course 7093

It feels great! This course will help you understand living with clear motives! When you have an understanding of the concepts, you will begin to feel the sensational joy of, “giving without hooks”! In that feeling, you will realize that true giving is the vibration of spiritual latitude within. You will learn that this is the vibration of your spirit guides, and that you can experience this feeling at any time.
You will build a deeper relationship with your inner-guidance, and feel the incredible backing that is already yours! This will help you launch further with your spiritual needs and enjoy your accomplishments at this time.

On Schedule with Your Plans - Course 596

This course will help you discover how to get the timing of your spiritual thrust in the mainstream flow of your life’s plan. You will work with a technique that shows you how to set long-range goals in both the spiritual and material parts of your life.
Understanding the concepts, that block your flow of energy, will allow you to move freely within your seven chakras. Clarifying your wants and needs, and the importance of your inner motivation will bring great healing.

Motivation through Mystical Intuition – Balanced and Out of Balance - Course 3095

Get in touch with your Intuitive (Clairaudient) psychic perception. Find out the balanced and out-of-balance traits of this sensitivity and spiritual gift we all have. Regroup your inner motivation from strengthening your inner loyalty and intuitive self-respect. Clarify the qualities that help you be clear and decisive about your life.

Motivation through Mystical Vision – Balanced and Out of Balance - Course 3096

See how your mystical perception of Vision (Clairvoyance) communicates when in balance or out-of-balance. Find out how people with the first sensitivity and spiritual gift of Vision motivate themselves and others, and how they react under pressure. Experience techniques to unfold your Visionary perception in a balanced way.

Motivation through Mystical Prophecy – Balanced and Out of Balance - Course 3097

Know how your mystical perception of Prophecy communicates when in balance or out-of-balance. Find out how people with the first sensitivity and spiritual gift of Prophecy motivate themselves and others, and how they react under pressure, or put pressure on others. Experience techniques to unfold your Prophetic perception in a positive and balanced way.

Motivation through Mystical Feeling – Balanced and Out of Balance - Course 3098

Feel how your mystical perception of Feeling (Empathy) communicates when in balance or out-of-balance. Find out how people with the first sensitivity and spiritual gift of Feeling motivate themselves and others, and how they react under pressure, or put pressure on others. Experience techniques to unfold your Feeling perception in a balanced way for greater fulfillment.

The Wealth of Your Metaphysical Nature - Course 7091

Are you experiencing prophetic dreams, premonitions, past lives perceptions, and strong innate communication? No need to analyze these experiences any longer!
In this course, you will learn to take trips to “The Source”, beyond planet Earth to discern what those experiences mean to you. Through the many techniques you will harness a deep respect for your metaphysical qualities. You will realize that the more you understand outer concepts, the more you feel defined and patient with whom you truly are! Feel the relaxed sensation of understanding your true nature!

More Program Options

The New Spiritual Horizons™ Group Series

  • Man and the Universe Orientation Lecture
  • Discovering Your New Spiritual Horizons
  • 12 Spiritual Expansion Group Sessions

In an atmosphere of relaxed, gentle sharing and technique experiences, you will know the joy of self-respect, inner leadership and working together to help everyone in the group.  You will begin a self healing routine that keeps you uplifted and magnetized with happy energy throughout your day.

You will feel refreshed and embolden with a renewed outlook on your life and your abilities to meet your needs and accomplish your goals.


The New Spiritual Horizons Submersion Workshops

The Submersion experience is designed for “on the go” people with a full plate of daily activities who want to dedicate a weekend to their spiritual growth.  This Series compacts the twelve Weekly Group Sessions and the nine seminars into four weekend intensives.

Because you are doing techniques, back to back, and sharing in your group, it is like swimming in an ocean of unavoidable healing, insights and love.  There is time for recording personal awareness and epiphanies and a feeling of celebration for accomplishing so much growth in such a short amount of time. You will experience a new level of self-respect that will help you stand mountain to mountain with others.



The New Spiritual Horizons Seminar Series

Nine Three Hour Bi-monthly Sessions instructed by New Spiritual Horizons Facilitators.  See the Seminar descriptions below.

During the Seminar Series, you will become a laser that cuts through tension and negativity. You will form your own “Sea of Tranquility” set that sets you free to be at ease with the people and places around you!

Learn to instantly connect to a well-spring of purely positive, self-assured energy from the Source beyond earth that infuses you with direction, determination and delight.  You will have the tools to become your own best psychic. Fear of death and other limitations can just melt away.