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Brett OBree

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Born in Sydney Australia I have been going through life turning as many stones over as possible looking for answers to life...New Spiritual Horizons programs gave me the tools and techniques to seek the answers from within.

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I have always danced along the fine line of success and failure through high fuelled adrenaline sports and in 2019 I found myself in the ICU ward fighting for my life, however this time it went a little further than I expected when I had an outer body experience… being engulfed in the fear of dying, losing life as we know it and the material attachments we hold so tightly, as my soul energy lifted up out of my body the fear and pain disappeared and was replaced with sparkling white light energy showering down onto my soul… feelings of love and compassion washed over me, the fear of dying was replaced with familiarity that… I have done this before, I’m returning home, continuation of energy not the end of life as we know it, then this feeling from my angels “not yet more to do” my soul energy settled back down into my physical body. After this experience I had a burning desire to share what I have pulled together throughout my life and share with others…others that are searching for that answer that dances around in the corner of your mind …
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