Spiritual Freedom Keys Subscription


Receive a deeper involvement in our Spiritual Community. The Alliance of Peace Community Church International, Inner Peace Movement International and Wayshowers Community Fellowship has partnered with New Spiritual Horizons to offer a new Subscription for individuals.

  • Opportunity to Collaborate and share with each other
  • A Supportive network of individuals committed to personal spiritual growth
  • Access to a Cooperative of Spiritual organizations
  • Each endeavor is created from a place of True Concern

Increase your exposure to Available Personal Spiritual Growth Opportunities & Services:

  • Retreats & Camps
  • Physical, Spiritual & Relationship Healing
  • Fellowships & Interfaith Groups
  • Webinars, Free Talks & Lectures

What will you receive?

This subscription is a collaborative effort and you will gain access to the following resources and publications:


  • Expression Magazine, an email newsletter delivered monthly.
  • Notification of community events sponsored by Alliance members.
  • Special invitations to Webinars & Teleconferences.
  • Spirit is Our River Publication delivered quarterly via email or by mail.

Are you ready to explore this Spiritual Community?

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Learn about Alliance Members:

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An educational organization whose members are involved in growth and sharing inner-awareness. The mission is to inspire people to master living their unique purpose and gives people opportunity to grow through involvement, teamwork and sharing spiritual tools and techniques for living. IPMI assists individuals to listen to their sensitivity, trust their innate wisdom, and act on inner guidance and high spiritual standards. Members offer workshops, leadership opportunity, retreats and free outreach events in communities. As a sponsor for Inner Peace Movement® and New Spiritual Horizons®, IPMI encourages and assisting individuals to practice their leadership by becoming spiritual facilitators.

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Peace Community Church International is a healing fellowship and ministry of spiritual family. Rather than religious dogma, PCCI is based on a tradition of unity, universal consciousness, and multiple paths of searching. PCCI supports the expansion of New Spiritual Horizons and its techniques of love, self-understanding, inner peace and spiritual freedom. In walking with other like-minded people led by inner guidance, our personal truths become the wayshowing light for ourselves, our loved ones and the world around us.

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Wayshowers Community Fellowship’s members are connected around the world through community fellowships, leadership forums, conferences, study, meditation, creative and healing arts, and community service. WCF supports the wayshower in each of us, the part of us that inspires and shows the way to others and brings to life the deeper spiritual truths contained in the spiritual traditions on planet earth, healing division and building understanding.