Lesson 6 - New Spiritual Horizons


 Lesson 6

Involvement in Life

Your spiritual power.

As a soul you are composed of light patterns and energy waves that work in harmony with the universe.  You have made your decision to become involved in life so that your knowledge will become wisdom for you as you travel through eons of time.

A person who passes on their theories and experiences to others gives themselves the opportunity to become involved in life and be a part of the structure of society (education, family, politics, patterns of religions and social mores).  An involved individual will always have wisdom.

You are equal to all and the only difference is your experiences and wisdom.  When you know that you know, you are not proving yourself to yourself, for you are just being.  Wisdom is when you take your total picture into consideration in your decisions involving other people’s patterns of life.

If a person becomes angry and upset and does not know why (motive), it is because they are losing their sense of inner balance or harmony.  Once they know how they have kept themselves in bondage, and they still want to keep themselves in bondage, they must find another way to do it because their boundaries have expanded. When a person’s intellect becomes too organized and their feelings do not fit, they will have mixed feelings and their decisions will become confused.  How balanced you are indicates how secure you are with yourself.

When you feel secure, you are relaxed and have a good buffer zone.  This is your spiritual power and your inflow and outflow of energy.  Knowing you are one with the universe makes you feel secure and that is the greatest spiritual healing of yourself.

Your motives are why you are involved, your motives guide you into a right timing as long as you are loyal to yourself first.  Furthermore, when your motives are crystal clear for yourself you will move into your right timing.  With this level of clarity your spiritual helpers will protect you from the things of which you are not aware.  When you become aware that you are one with all, you will never be harmed for you will see the total picture and you will accept all things for what they are.

A person loses their awareness that they are one with all things when they throw their timing off.  They throw their timing off when they make something outside of themselves more important than themselves.  They then feel alone.  They become upset over details because they don’t see the big picture.  They feel injustice in their surroundings and suffer for others because when they use other people as underdogs, they feel important.  They are being a big fish in a small pond.

When you want to adapt to something, it is important that you take time to see the total picture of what it is and where you fit.  You will then be helping yourself, for you are going somewhere and know where you are going.  Setting clear goals for you and keeping them always in mind is one way of keeping your total picture and seeing that you stay on your personal timing.

More on Loyalty to Yourself

Realize your inner harmony.

In our society you learn to be loyal to everything except yourself because you think you are not important.  You are taught that it is better to do for others than to do for yourself.  But if you always give to others and do not give to yourself, you will soon run out of anything to give and your timing will be off.  How can you give something you do not have?  If you are loyal to yourself first, then you can be loyal to others.  This is a key to realizing the inner harmony within.

Every thought you have starts within you and projects from you.  If you are not loyal within, how can you be loyal to your church, your flag, or anything outside of you?  If you are loyal to yourself first, you are being honest with yourself. Let us take a look at the concept of church.  Actually, there are four churches:

  • Your state of consciousness is your first church.
  • Your physical body is your second church.
  • Your home is your third church.
  • Where you go to fellowship or worship is your fourth church.


Whenever you find trouble in the second, third or fourth churches, you can trace it right back to your first church — your state of consciousness.  If you don’t have God in your first church, you will not find God in your fourth church on Sunday morning.

When you are loving and kind to yourself, it is easy to be loving and kind to others.  If you feel guilty being kind to yourself, you were probably taught to put others before you.  It may be hard for you to be loving towards others because your inner feelings tell you that you are leaving yourself out.  If you don’t know how to be kind to yourself, how can you be kind to others?

How do your motives affect your communication with spirit?

Each of us has four means of communication with spirit, prophecy, vision, intuition and feeling.  Your visionary part can assist with cultivating balance and harmony.  There is an order to your means of communication and whether vision is your first line or last, you can use the visionary gift to clearly see how to integrate this information into your life.

The Gift of Vision

Living for yourself.

People with the gift of vision need to see things.  When they communicate with their guidance, they receive messages in pictures.  This gift has a photographic mind and can recall names, dates, places, etc. with ease.  This is the part of you that likes to be organized and neat.

Seeing is important to a visionary child.  Many times, they will see something and be attracted to it.  You will hear visionary children saying, “Let me see that.”  They are able to see through the veneers that other people have.  If you are smiling to hide your unhappiness, they will pick up the feeling.  They enjoy coloring, painting and organizing their rooms.  They do not like a messy environment and they feel good when they have learned how to keep things neat for themselves.

Visionaries have a tendency to try to be perfect and could have trouble in their education if they are not near the top of their class.  They want to be the best because they want to look good to other people.  Your visionary part is your self-image.  Whatever picture you have of yourself is what you will try to live up to. Your visionary part likes to observe.  If visionaries are not careful, they can train themselves to be watchers and miss out on all the fun involved in doing.  During the maturity cycle, they will tend to gauge their success by comparing themselves to other people.  Their priorities could be off if they place too much value in prestige.  Once they start seeing themselves as the most important person in the world and start living for themselves, they will release the tendency to want to please others.  They realize that the only person anyone can really please is themselves.

Your visionary part can be a valuable tool to organize yourself to go after what you want.

It can give you the energy to follow through with your goals.  Once a visionary sees themselves as abundant, they will start acting abundant.  The balanced visionary doesn’t go after money, they go after other goals such as a car, a house, new clothes, etc.  They see money as a tool that will pave the way to their success.

The Importance of Knowing Your Purpose

Purpose in life is important to your inner harmony.  What are you really doing here on planet earth?  Do you feel you are wasting your time?  It is very simple to evaluate this quickly.  If you have more “ups” than “downs”, you are pretty close to your niche in life.  But if you have more “downs” than “ups”, it is time to start thinking and moving to the right or left, up or down, until you find your niche.  Otherwise you are wasting your time. When you see the purpose of your life, your daily experiences take on greater meaning.  You can see the progress you have made as a result of your experiences.  When you look at the things you have learned throughout your life, your “mistakes” aren’t mistakes any more — they become valuable learning experiences.  Using your visionary part, you can picture yourself living your life purpose.  Organize yourself to live a harmonious existence in the beautiful now where you are one with all.

Pay attention to how you are feeling as you read the material. What stood out to you? Did anything bother you?

Are you ready to make this practical?

Below are 3 weekly worksheets and 1 regrouping to help organize what you are learning. These will stimulate, in you, ways this lesson of creating “Harmony” can be made practical and fulfilling in your life. More importantly, enjoy experiencing your unique energy pattern in the process.

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