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Our Facilitators – passionately showing the way!

Anyone can be trained to be a Facilitator for New Spiritual Horizons.  The professionals listed are trained with the highest standards to lead these personal development programs. They have invested in their own growth and are dedicated in helping others.  New Spiritual Horizons Facilitators understand your free will, privacy, and right to grow at your own pace.

They are spiritual Wayshowers, showing you the path they have walked. They realize that all things have truth and that each person’s answers are within.  Finding your solutions is their highest priority.

To know more about how you can become a New Spiritual Horizons Facilitator, click on your state and find the nearest one to you – communicate with them.  They are at your service.

Facilitators and Locations

Our Core Ethic

If you give a hungry person a fish today, that person will be hungry again tomorrow.
If you teach a person how to fish, he or she will have the freedom to use his or her own resources and can teach others to fish.