Discovering Your New Spiritual Horizons - New Spiritual Horizons

Discovering Your New Spiritual Horizons
Online Self-Mastery Workshop

a 3.5-hour intensive technique workshop

Sept. 25

Investment – $45
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Limited spaces available

It’s time to re-awaken the Real You; an eternal soul evolving through time.

… the real you that knows who you are & what you’ve come to do in this lifetime.

Yes, I want to live my purpose

Are you at a crossroads in your life and have a difficult time making decisions? Have you tried other methods and not attained the results you want?

Discovering Your New Spiritual Horizons online workshop is an important new approach to spiritual development. It will surprise you with uncanny methods that will help propel you to new personal breakthroughs.

There are three important topics that will be covered:

  • Clarifying your True Life Purpose

  • Acknowledging your Ascended Masters (Angels) and how they help you

  • Trusting your hunches and first impressions that manifest through your 6th Sense

Successfully using these is the difference between just surviving and enjoying life.

In this 3 1/2-hour workshop you will learn and experience:

  • Why you are here on Planet Earth, where you came from and the reason why you attracted the environment and people in your life.

  • Techniques to strengthen your aura from negativity and create deep relaxation.
  • Raise your energy/aura to a 100% positive and relaxed vibration. Using this simple technique will attune you to your Angels instantly.
  • Important insights into Ascended Masters, Life After Death, Cycles of Life, and Soul Essence will complement your learning. Discover the true purpose of your Angels.
  • No fewer than Four Techniques where you will experience spiritual sensitivity. Experience your healing touch and psychometry. Also, learn how to use your Clairaudient first impression.  Another technique is the Spiritual Cleansing of the aura. This will increase your protection from negativity.
  • Ways Psychic Sensitivity, 6th Sense, and Extra Sensory Perception (ESP) are similar. Also, learn how they are a part of your daily life without realizing it.
  • Start experiencing glimpses of your unique Life Purpose. Your Life Purpose becomes an inner reference in making difficult decisions.
  • The power of being true to yourself and “Your three loyalties.”

By the end of this workshop, you will create a profound sense of inner peace as THE REAL YOU blossoms. Start experiencing glimpses of your unique life purpose.

Most of all, share and interact with other like-minded people. Find a belonging with your spiritual family – you are not alone.

North America

Discover Your New Spiritual Horizons
Technique Workshop

Investment – $45
Limited spaces available

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