Lesson 5 - New Spiritual Horizons

The Wayshower

Lesson 5

Having the Right Timing

Clear Direction

When you understand that for every feeling you must have an interpretation and for every interpretation, a feeling, you move with direction. You know what you want and you have the feelings to put your ideas into action. You accomplish consistently and have great fulfillment because you do not let anyone interfere with your timing.

The biggest problem most of us have is that our timing is off. We are either doing the right thing at the wrong time or doing the wrong thing at the right time. We may decide we want an apple, but if we don’t pick the apple off the tree at the right time, the apple will become rotten. Our timing is off because we think we want something, but are not willing to get up and become involved in it.

We have been taught that we should be only marginally involved in life. We do things half-heartedly and we feel unfulfilled because we are afraid to be totally committed to ourselves. If we do not change and make a commitment within ourselves, our timing will be off. One day we will realize that years have gone by and little has been accomplished. We will then have another excuse to avoid ourselves and remain uninvolved.

It is important to realize that your timing is in your own hands. It is up to you to balance what you understand with what you feel so you can move with clear direction. Your feelings are your inner timing. When you make a commitment to understand your feelings and move with them, your timing will be right for you. Once this happens, you can begin to create boundaries for your life that fit nicely with your inner timing.

Boundaries are an important factor here on planet earth because without boundaries we would have difficulty with infringing on each others’ rights. Society is an organized creative system where people are able to live together when they learn to respect each others’ boundaries.

If you do not understand how to play the game, you are not taking advantage of your rights and you are probably infringing on the rights of others. It is like each of us has their own acre. If you understand the boundaries of your acreage, you will be able to use your land to the best advantage. You need a balance of understanding and beingness, which comes down to knowing your state of consciousness. Unless you have involvement within yourself, you will not have the experience. The main idea is to discern what is yours and what belongs outside of you.

What do you want out of life? If you are not consistent with what you want or are afraid to speak up for what you want, you will provoke confusion in those around you. This means your boundaries will be weak and people will push you around. Instead of evaluating the situation, you will react to it. This is why it is important to know where your boundaries are and to acknowledge the inner strength that you have.

“Life is a quarry out of which we are to mold and chisel and complete a character.”

You decide the rules for your own life and make sure they are put into effect. It is like being president of your own corporation. When each of us is the head of our own corporation, we are able to work together with mutual respect and accomplishment. We have an unwritten agreement to respect each other according to the rules of the game. Remember, your life is a business and you are the president!

Following hunches and inner knowings is important when you want to sense the future and establish workable boundaries for your life. Each of us has this psychic perception or gift, Prophecy, that will help you become the top executive in the business of you. Remember in Lesson 2 you learned that each of us has 4 main avenues of perception; Prophecy, Vision, Intuition, and Feeling. There is an order to this inner communication system, and an Orientation Profile where you discover the order and prominence of your spiritual gifts is available.

In this lesson we will be learning about your Prophetic part. The prophetic gift is the creative part within us. It is especially important for the people with the first gift of Prophecy to be clear and open in their communication system, allowing their creative tendencies to develop.

Qualities of Prophecy

If you have prophecy as your first gift or have developed this perception you learn quickly when the subject is interesting, fun and (‘presented with enthusiasm. They enjoy activities that give them the opportunity to express their natural creative skills. They tend to realize and give voice to their creativity in executive positions. They are the young executive, sharp, enthusiastic and aggressive. Things come so easily to them that they might feel guilty. In fact, after becoming successful, they might do something to take away their real fulfillment.

They are popular because they love people. They have a good sense of humor, are quick witted and sensitive to helping people. They also like to be taken care of and to have people do things for them, even though inside they know they have what it takes to do things for themselves. They do not like guidelines, rules, regulations and boundaries. As a result, they will have a tendency to become involved in moral issues.

This gift is not interested in the past, but is concerned about the future. The prophetic part can move into the future and pick up impressions or events before they occur. These individuals receive inner knowings from inner guidance for direction and the best avenue for them to follow. This could lead them to greatness. However, if their interest lies too much in the future, there is a tendency to be bored in the present moment. There is also a tendency to doubt and deny themselves. More spiritual progress can be made when a shift occurs, from being outer directed to being inner directed and learning to trust themselves and their inner knowing.

After that point, they learn to trust their lives, expand their executive abilities and use their creative ideas. They become more patient with themselves and others and enjoy helping people unfold their innate skills. They use the wisdom they have gained through their previous tendency of being a “mama-goose” to now help people help themselves. They learn to delegate in order not to spread their time and energy too thin in too many projects or details at one time and to take things one step at a time.

When people high in prophecy start seeing themselves as the most important person in the world to themselves, they release tendencies to impress others, and they stop trying to please others. Their critical nature melts away. As they get more organized, they release the tendency to cover up and to do things for appearance’s sake only. They become doers instead of talkers and people sense their trust, confidence and unique leadership skills.

Does this sound like someone you know?

You are a Wayshower and leader for your life.  What did you learn about the gift of prophecy?

How can a person go about setting boundaries for their life?

Below are 4 weekly worksheets for you to work with this month.  Experience your inner knowing this month and learn to change your situation through flexibility in how that change happens in your life.

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