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Angel Encounter Workshop

May 1, 2022 @ 12:00 pm - 5:30 pm


You don’t need to consult with psychics and outside sources. The power is within you. Learn to communicate directly with your personal team of Angels!!!


In the Angel Encounter Workshop you’ll learn how to communicate directly with your angels. We will show you how to do this for yourself so you need never doubt your decisions or depend on anyone else for your answers. You’ll get results immediately when you apply and practice the techniques you will learn in this one-day event. 


-You will learn a technique in being mindful of your energy so you can stay relaxed and attuned to your angel’s messages. — Start taking action on your inspirations instead of allowing your intellect to get in the way. Life is simple when you have the tools working with your sensitivity. You were born with natural abilities to communicate clearly with your inner guidance.


During the Angel Encounter Workshop you will: –Discover methods of working with your psychic gifts of Vision, Prophecy, Feeling, and Clairaudience. –Establish a direct, two-way communication with your Angels –Receive answers immediately to any question you would like to ask your angels/guides –Raise your vibration of energy instantly to be “tuned in” with your guides. 


–You will receive a personal Orientation Profile consultation chart to take home; along with an outline of the four spiritual gifts of Intuition,Vision, Prophecy, and Feeling. You’ll learn how many angels you have a personal contract with you this lifetime, how they communicate with you, your energy sensitivity and the order of your inner perceptions aka psychic gifts.

Receive a 30 page Connect with Your Inner Guidance Workbook to take home with you after class. You will have room for notes of the class, course content, and tips that you will use to refine your communication with your angels daily. 


Course Time 12:00 pm 5:30pm $195.00 Dec.26, 2021   Reserve Your Ticket, Early reservation strongly encouraged Limited space 6 Participants Only.  April Azzolino, www.aprilazzolino.com is a Certified Wayshower College Spiritual Educator with over 10 years experience in instructing this class.

Register Here:https://www.enchantedforestreiki.com/events/angel-encounter-workshop-with-april-2