Facilitators in Canada

John Shortell

john@enjoyinnerpeace.com.au | +61412135088 | https://www.enjoyinnerpeace.com.au

Wayshowers College Certified Spiritual Consultant and Instructor
Master in Peace Community Church

John has been helping people through working with the Wayshowers College materials for 30+ years.
He has conducted many Introductory Lecture tours for the College in a number of countries and extensively around Australia.

Facilitators Bio

John is a seasoned facilitator with the College and is well respected by his peers. John is willing to travel anywhere in the world to support the searcher and facilitate programs in their local area. John is open to being contacted personally and works full time in his spiritual business Enjoy Inner Peace

One-on-One Sessions Available

  • 1001 Orientation Profile - Gifts and Guidance
  • 7000 or 7004 Thrust Profile - Personal Thrust
  • Deeper One-on-One Spiritual Profiles

Areas of Service

Most Facilitators are available world wide for remote one-on-one sessions and events.

  • Geelong, VICTORIA
  • Melbourne, VICTORIA

USA, New Zealand