Facilitators in Canada

Carol Vejle

carol.vejle@gmail.com | 0428260254 |

Wayshowers College Certified Spiritual Consultant and Instructor.

Carol Vejle is a spiritual consultant & instructor who has been studying, presenting and working with College programs since 1989. Carol regularly attends National and International training to showcase new spiritual prorgams

Facilitators Bio

My heart’s desire is to share what it feels like to be one with spirit. Showing people how to make it practical in their daily lives is my goal.
Empowering teams to do the same provided me with great joy which I experienced touring Queensland, Western Australia and the Northern Territory. I look forward to reigniting this passion in my new community.

One-on-One Sessions Available

  • 1001 Orientation Profile - Gifts and Guidance
  • Deeper One-on-One Spiritual Profiles

Areas of Service

Most Facilitators are available world wide for remote one-on-one sessions and events.

  • Sunshine Coast, Queensland
  • Brisbane, Queensland

Rural Queensland.