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Carolyn Clarke

oneballofenergy@yahoo.com | 757-752-6117 |

Spiritual Consultant certified through Wayshowers College. Ordained minister with Peace Community Church International, board member. Trance Healing certified. Years of spiritual courses and community group programs.

Grew up on a farm in the central U.S. Questions, I always had them, but finding answers seemed illusive. 1968 I attended an introduction to the Inner Peace Movement, did group work, went to Camp in Iowa and changed my life.

Facilitators Bio

Community group work(my passion), summer camp, touring the western and central U.S.with lectures and courses, and participating in a wide variety of Courses and training classes across the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico began at 21 for me. "Helping people find their own answers, to understand and feel free to grow themselves is a fulfilling adventure". As an ordained minister(PCCI) I performed my first marriage ceremony this Spring. What I know is learning and growing is a continuous journey, exciting and fun.

One-on-One Sessions Available

  • 1001 Orientation Profile - Gifts and Guidance
  • 7000 or 7004 Thrust Profile - Personal Thrust
  • Deeper One-on-One Spiritual Profiles

Areas of Service

Most Facilitators are available world wide for remote one-on-one sessions and events.

  • Barco, North Carolina
    United States
  • Virginia Beach, VA