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Paul Kellogg

paul@nshheartland.com | 515-599-1104 | http://www.nshheartland.com

Wayshowers College Certified Spiritual Consultant and Instructor, Vice President of IPM Intl, Board of Bishops member in Peace Community Church Intl. International representative of New Spiritual Horizons programs.

Dr. Paul Kellogg is internationally acclaimed as a practical intuitive. He shares a common sense, demystifying approach to psychic and spiritual forces in our lives. He helps people to create a lifestyle of being psychic.

Facilitators Bio

During his career of 49 years, Paul Kellogg D.D. ,has appeared on hundreds of radio and television talk shows and been interviewed by newspapers across the globe. He shares, “I don’t just have psychic gifts, I am a psychic being and so is everyone!” The focus of his consultations and interactive workshops is to help the public unfold and harness the prophetic, visionary, intuitive and feeling perceptions we all possess from before birth.
Paul has conducted workshops on using practical intuition in leadership, team-building and management communication across North America for innumerable companies including the American Red Cross, National Council on Aging, EDHOC, Jaffe Law, and the St. Louis Public Schools. He has consulted with people at his international seminars in Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Scotland and England.
Kellogg speaks to the simplicity and reality of life after death, the help we have from master souls, the cycles of life and one’s unique life purpose. His seminars have helped thousands to live with personal tools and techniques – as assets to improve the quality of their lives and the lives of those they care about.

“The work by Paul is inspired by enlightenment and empowering techniques. He has helped the whole family to spiritually grow and prosper.” Curt B. Connecticut

“To Paul Kellogg, your extrasensory perception is as real – if not as obvious - as the nose on your face." Indianapolis News

One-on-One Sessions Available

  • 1001 Orientation Profile - Gifts and Guidance
  • 7000 or 7004 Thrust Profile - Personal Thrust
  • Deeper One-on-One Spiritual Profiles

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