Facilitators in Canada

Dorinda Fox

fox4joy@aol.com | 703-898-6459 | https://dorindafox.com/

Wayshowers College Spiritual Consultant & Educator. Doctor of Divinity. Serves on the Executive Board of Inner Peace Movement International.

Facilitator of an individuals' personal growth, sensitivity, creativity and connection with inner spiritual guidance. Dorinda carries within the essence that covering new ground is fun.

Facilitators Bio

Dorinda searched for answers through many avenues to understand her early psychic awareness. Involvement in Inner Peace Movement, Astro Soul, and NSH Programs gave her the spiritual grounding to balance her inner world, chart her path and love the adventure of each life experience. She is now a full time spiritual consultant.

One-on-One Sessions Available

  • 1001 Orientation Profile - Gifts and Guidance
  • 7000 or 7004 Thrust Profile - Personal Thrust
  • Deeper One-on-One Spiritual Profiles

Areas of Service

Most Facilitators are available world wide for remote one-on-one sessions and events.

  • Albuquerque, NM
    United States
  • Pueblo, Colorado

Santa Fe, NM: Durango, CO; Omaha, NE; Indor, India; Mallorca, Spain; Stockholm, Sweden