Lesson 7 - New Spiritual Horizons

Respect Your Sensitivity

 Lesson 7

On-Going Search

Loyal to yourself first.

We move in rhythms or cycles, even our body every 7 years has a complete renewal of the body. Similarly it takes 7 years to master a cycle or a state of consciousness. In the cycle from 28-35 years there is great spiritual significance. It is when people start looking for the qualities that make life more meaningful and worthwhile. It is during this cycle that people make changes in their life according to their needs. This search for what is sometimes called “The Kingdom of Heaven” takes people in many different directions.

There are those who will decide to change jobs or perhaps even find a completely new career. Others will look in churches or in clubs and social circles for friends and a place to feel they belong. Some will give up their search. No one is really looking for anything outside themselves, but actually for what is within.

Remember, no one can really run away from anything except themselves.

Eventually we all come to the realization that everything is within: all the love, beauty, kindness, etc. It will depend on how much we have put our first loyalty, loyalty to self, outside of ourselves. It is during this cycle that people start seeing the value of what they have been doing for themselves for many years. They start changing some of the things that have been working against them and start to sincerely enjoy life.

They start living a “Kingdom of Heaven” here on earth by doing what they really want to do. They begin to realize that nothing can keep them from accomplishing their purpose in life. They become more relaxed and sincere: doing what they are doing for their own personal enjoyment and inner fulfillment instead of doing in order than to please others.

When people stop comparing themselves so much to those they encounter and learn to appreciate people for what they are. They sense the uniqueness and beauty of every soul and their fellowships become more relaxed. They start sensing that they are their own inner authority and their own “Heaven on Earth.” In continuing their search, they start being their real selves. Their inner growth starts pushing through the veneer they used to hide behind.

“The actions of people are the best interpreters of their thoughts.”

The Meaning of Conformity

Knowing where you are.

The word “conformity” is often misunderstood in our society. Actually, conform means to respect. My rights begin where your rights end and your rights begin where my rights end. If we do not know and respect our boundaries, we might step on each other’s toes and interfere with each other’s lives. We need to realize that we are society, for we are one with the people around us. In fact we are the universe!

Rules and regulations exist for you to be able to fellowship in love and respect. Spiritually, there are no boundaries, but, to survive here on planet earth, you need to learn the rules to know where you are. There is no need to break the traffic laws, because they are designed to protect you. Imagine the confusion there would be if there were no guidelines saying “drive on just one side of the road.” The guidelines provide a structure or foundation so you can feel secure. When you feel secure in your environment, then you will feel free to be yourself.

It is important to learn to conform materially, but not spiritually. You become the man-made rules and regulations when you realize that you are one with the universe. Then you will know that you are the law. Spiritually, you do not need the man-made rules and regulations. You may rebel against the imposition of the laws because of a lack of understanding that they are only physical, not spiritual.

Life on planet earth is a game. Because of the structure of society, a certain amount of conformity is necessary to play the game. But, it is important for you to understand why you are conforming. If you do not, you will have trouble inside of you because you are confused between your spiritual life and playing the game of planet earth for your physical existence.

“Doubt who you will, but never doubt yourself.”



How is your ongoing search for where you fit within yourself, your family and your community?

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