Your Spiritual Gifts of Communication - New Spiritual Horizons
Development of your Spiritual Gifts

Intuition | Vision | Prophecy | Feeling

A unique part of this program is the techniques that enable you to experience your spiritual (psychic) abilities so you can come to your own truth. Know, See, Feel, and Understand your spiritual (psychic) part, not simply hear or read about someone else’s experiences, interpretation, or opinion.

The true joy of life comes from being in your feelings and you will experience this in a safe, step-by-step manner by the techniques included in the New Spiritual Horizons program.

You can do it all in a positive and constructive way.

Receive Impressions & Personal Direction from your Inner Guidance

You will become very secure and proficient at tuning into your own inner guidance, TRUSTING yourself and understanding you can find your own answers within. The facilitator is not there to teach you what they know. What that person shares is right for them, but it may not fit for you. Each person in the group shares their own wisdom and experiences. Simply by the act of sharing out loud you are relearning to respect yourself and the wisdom you have inside.

You can do it all in a positive and constructive way.