New Spiritual Horizons: A Rich History of Service - New Spiritual Horizons

New Spiritual Horizons is refined by over 50 years of working with people. It is one of the most effective personal development systems available.

You can determine your own truth without the influence of dogma, theology or an authority figure. The techniques enable you to experience your energy, not simply hear or read about someone else’s experiences or opinions.

These techniques were shared with the founder, Dr. Francisco Coll, by spirit and refined over many years of working with people before they were released to the public. They produce results and are safe.

You will EXPERIENCE your soul nature..

Another reason why the New Spiritual Horizons experience is so powerful is the structure of the meetings. You reach a depth of awareness that goes beyond everyday experience.

Your involvement results in positive effects on your life.

This is a practical approach to spirituality. After all, if it’s not practical, then what’s the point? This is a FUN experience, but you don’t just do it for the fun of it. You do it so you can awaken your spiritual sensitivity to receive the answers and guidance you need to move forward in your life in a more positive, constructive and abundant way.