Attain a Balance Between Your Inner and Outer Natures - New Spiritual Horizons

Regain the child-like balance between the two parts to your nature; your feeling (psychic) nature and your intellectual (thinking) nature.

The feeling nature is the real you – the spiritual, eternal part. The intellectual nature is the thinking, logical part and it is necessary and important as it keeps your life directed and organized.

Too much in your intellect and you will limit yourself with fears, doubts and negative emotions. Too much in your feelings and you will lack organization, direction and leave yourself out.

The key is being in balance.

When you’re in balance, you will TRUST your intuition, have clear direction and experience the fun, fulfillment and joy of living your unique life purpose.

In the New Millennium the New Spiritual Horizons Program was expanded into an even deeper and more effective system to provide you with the tools and techniques you need to grow at a faster pace.