Re-discover Who you are and why you are here

Live Your Life to its Full Potential

Aug 30th or 31st
90 Min.

How FREE do You Want to Be

Investment – $25
Limited spaces available


Clearly Understand and Experience
Who You are & Why You are Here

Live the meaningful, fulfilling life you are here to live!

Re-write your story. Tap the energy and spiritual resources you need to succeed in the venture you planned for yourself. This class will give you the tools and understanding you are looking for to:

  • Be inner peace

  • Trust your impressions and sensitivity

  • Understand how your creative energy works

  • Be more open to inner guidance

  • Live from the authentic you

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Limited spaces available

During this interactive class you will:

  • Experience the power of your spiritual energy/aura

  • Begin to understand your life purpose and how you can unfold it.

  • Become more receptive to your Spiritual Helpers messages.

  • Learn about your team of guides and how you can be aware of their messages. Discover how to recognize ANYTIME your Spiritual Helpers want to communicate with you.

  • Discover how sensitive you are to your environment and why it is essential you keep your energy vibration at a high positive level.

  • Explore the 7-year life cycles and the purpose of each cycle.

  • Learn the four ways you can use your Intuitive (psychic) abilities and the keys to developing all of them.

You are intelligent creative energy on a mission and this is an opportunity to refine your vision of that mission … your life purpose.

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Aug 30th, 8:00pm Eastern
or 31st 2:00 or 10:00 pm

Limited spaces available

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