Your Intuition

 Lesson 9

Making Decisions

Balance the head and heart.

A person may have good ideas but may also have feelings of fear and doubt that could keep them from moving ahead in life.  They may want to do things well and be successful, but they also procrastinate because of indecision.  That person spins their wheels and goes nowhere because they are not sure of their direction and how to get there.

It is vital to seek for balance between head and heart, the intellect and the feeling.  If you follow only your analytical, dissecting self, you will have difficulty in accomplishing your goals.  You need to have balance so you can move with decisiveness and feeling.

Basically, the function of your intellect is to be of service to your feelings, or the real you. It is a tool, like a wrench or a screwdriver that is there as a means to help you do what you came to do. Your intellect does not make decisions; your feelings do. Your intellect merely implements the decisions of your feelings.

Your intellect is the communicator for your feelings. It does not initiate the communication, but is the channel through which the message from your feelings is passed on to the outside world. Your intellect wants the message of the real you to describe the feelings in the best way possible.

You base your decisions on your feeling part. Your intellect assists your feeling part by gathering information and presenting it to your feelings.

Next time you have to make a decision, try this?

  1. Before making a decision, recheck if you know all the facts.

  2. Review all sides of the question. See what would happen whichever way you decide.

  3. Now your intellect can implement the decision of your feelings.

  4. Whatever feels best to you is probably the best choice for you at that time.

  5. Check if your guidance can back your decision.


A pivot point for your purpose.

Your gift of Intuition is the part of you that is a natural-born leader. It is very direct and forceful and enjoys leading you to accomplishment. Your spiritual gift of Intuition is a mover. It is high in self-respect, always looking at the practical side of things and wanting what is best for you.

Your intuitive part is your pivot point for doing what you came here to do and for discerning when you are going off on a tangent. It is the part of you that refuses to let anything get in the way of your success.

As a child, a person high in this gift cherishes their free will and sometimes rebels if told what to do. If intuitive types don’t get their way, they can become stubborn. People high in Intuition usually excel in things. They are organized in a practical way, and they have keen minds.

They don’t seem to care about popularity, as they are too busy accomplishing. They don’t strive for acceptance but somehow they always seem to get it.

Even as children, their intuitive leadership qualities are apparent. People just seem to accept them and respect them as being the leader in everything they do.

An Intuitive-type will respect everyone because of their strong sense of fairness. If they are out-of-balance, however, or if they feel they have been infringed upon, they can use their abilities to push others around. They can become hostile and aggressive, sometimes humiliating people in order to control them.

To an intuitive, the quality of their work and the satisfaction they feel from it are more important than prestige or material gain.

Your intuitive part has a deep concern for people and desires to be of service. Often you will find intuitives in occupations such as social work, legal work, or anything that will help them between understand themselves and other people.


“What others say of me matters little, what I myself say and do matters much.”

Elbert Hubbard


Command of Yourself

Respect your means.

When a person indulges in likes and dislikes they separate themselves from the total picture of “being.” They find themselves fighting for their rights instead of just being and accepting. If that person doesn’t realize that they are an essential part of the universe, they will build a pattern of failure. They will work for months at something and then blow it up in a few minutes.

If you want to get somewhere fast you must learn to go slow. “By the inch it’s a cinch, by the yard it’s hard.” You must respect your means. Your patience will give you your maturity and you will learn to go at your own pace. You will see that your pace is your tempo of your universe that only you have command of your timing and changes.

By wanting fellowship with your guidance, you are free and holding your own in the universe, for you have accepted your responsibilities. If you are accepting your responsibilities, you are standing straight and tall with the Spirit. You are a shell that dances to the rhythm of the ocean.

If you need your guidance for your protection rather than as your wayshowers, you want to be protected in your life and you have become your own slave. You are like a perfectly balanced scale, but if you insist on being protected, you become like a person on a teeter-totter with no one on the other end. You jump up, but your efforts bounce you back to the same place.

When you become your laws of your universe, you become wise and have your fellowship with Spirit. Wisdom is when you take everyone into consideration in your decision. If it feels right to you, it will be right for the universe.

Ask yourself: How can you stop putting pressure on yourself?

Being of Service

Command yourself through service.

The reason you came to planet earth is to find yourself. Through finding yourself you become of service to others. If you cannot do something for yourself, you cannot do anything for anyone else. When you become of service, you are in command of yourself and you know what you have and where you are going.

You can help people more effectively when you can see the total picture. The more conscious you become of your situation, the more aware you are of your scope. It is like climbing a tree, the higher you climb the further you can see. This is what you have been doing spiritually all of your life – climbing higher to see a bigger picture.

We are often afraid of trying something new because of a fear of making mistakes. Actually, very few people make mistakes. What we call mistakes are really stepping stones. A mistake is when you bump your hear in the same place three or four times because you haven’t learned from your prior experience.

“Look not to the things that are seen, but to the things that are unseen for the things that are seen are transient, but the things that are unseen are eternal.”


Where have you come from, where are you going and what are you doing here? Your parents, and your involvement with others have influenced you on your journey so far.  Now that you know your plan may be quite different from theirs, what do you plan to do now?

Are you ready to make this practical?

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