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Part 4 of 4


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May 25 – 29

Heal Issues with Motivation, Drive & Fulfillment:
The Heart Chakra

This is Part 4 of a 4 part series on healing your body by mastering the flow of energy through your Chakra System. Scroll down for links to the other 3 classes in the series.

Heal the concepts that limit the flow of energy through your spiritual and physical system. Heal yourself so you can heal others.

(This is not a SIT THERE AND LISTEN TO US class. You will experience techniques! Your experiences and opinions are welcome and an important part of this class. We love your comments and questions.)

Join us for this free, live online class as we explore and heal our #5 chakra; The Heart.


  • Attract more of what you LOVE.

  • Discern whether or not you are creating YOUR DREAMS or someone else’s.

  • Eliminate confusion between YOUR DESIRES and what you were taught you SHOULD want.

  • Raise your vibrational energy with TECHNIQUES to use again and again.

  • Get to the HEART of the MATTER with yourself and your energy.

Experience the freedom, harmony and power you are. 

You are the source of energy to your physical body. Your concepts in 7 key areas increase or reduce the energy level you are experiencing. 

The centers are traditionally called chakras and the concepts you carry about acceptance, wants, needs, identity, incentive, relating and sharing act as spigots to these energy centers.

We will share new knowledge and methods to completely heal yourself and increase your energy level.


In the traditional way of showing the chakra system is looking from the front. The energy centers appear to be in a straight line from top to bottom. 

Traditional Chakras

When viewed from the side, the chakras are not in a straight line but in a flowing pattern where energy enters from the back of the head and flows out the third eye. 

Flowing Chakras

This new perspective better fits modern spiritual understanding – that we are energy, that we are souls with bodies and are nourished from the universe, not the earth.


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