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Your Spiritual Foundations
Class 1 – You Are Energy

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Sept. 14 – 18

Anything You want to Build Upon Needs a Strong Foundation

In this series, you will strengthen your spiritual foundation so you are always growing from a solid & secure inner pivot.

There are 5 key concepts or spiritual foundations, that can assist you in your journey this life. These 5 concepts will build, one upon the other, and lay the groundwork for what you have come to fulfill & accomplish.

In this class we will explore Foundation 1 – You Are Energy.

There is something running that physical body of yours: a life force, intelligent energy. This is the Real You.

You understand this reality but how clear is it in your FEELINGS? 

How practical and useful is this knowledge in your everyday life?

In other words, how is it helping you to live the dynamic, abundant, purpose-driven life you came here to live?


This class will enrich your understanding so you can make your spiritual knowledge more practical and useful in your daily life.

Join us for this free online class.

  • Understand how each foundation is a building block toward self-mastery.

  • Gain a bigger picture of your personal energy.

  • Free yourself from fear to create and live the life you were born to live.

  • Experience your eternal part; the Real You.

  • Feel the power and healing energy you are.

This is not a SIT THERE AND LISTEN TO US class. We will do stuff! Your experiences and opinions are welcome and an important part of this class. We love your comments and questions.

Join us!

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Sept. 14 & 18

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